Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free Hindi
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Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free Hindi Camrip

Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free HindiKaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free Camrip. Download Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free Camrip

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Movie Overview

Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free Camrip In the late 1990s, Kaduvakunnel Kuriyachan aka Kaduva, a planter in Pala, is brought to District jail in Kottayam where a murder attempt is made on Kaduva by three goons from Kottarakkara sub-jail, under the orders from I.G Joseph Chandy Ouseppukutty, but Kaduva defeats them.

Flashback: Kaduva lives a happy life with his wife Elsa Kurian and his son Chacko and daughters Dona Kurian and Eva Kurian. However, Kaduva happens to have an ego-tussle between him and Joseph Chandy, due to Joseph Chandy’s mother Cheddathi lying that her piano is gifted to the church’s corrupted Fr. Robin Poovampara and also insulting Joseph Chandy’s father Karikandhathil Chandichayan.

Due to this, Joseph Chandy swears vengeance agains Kaduva, where he transfers all the policeman in Pala and includes S.I Dominic Benjamin, whose father Benjamin, was thrashed by Kaduva earlier, He also buys a land belonging to an America family, which was sold by Kaduva, and creates a ruckus at a his bar. With his influence, Joseph Chandy issues an order to issue a search warrant on Kaduva’s house. On his way to his house, Kaduva is intercepted by S.I Rajeevan, who begins a search at his jeep where he tries to arrest Kaduva in arms licence case, but Kaduva thrashes them and gets arrested, where his bar licence has been revoked by the government, due to his involvement in spirit smuggling.

Present: Two weeks later, Kaduva is released from prison where he learns that his father’s Ambassador car has been seized by Benjamin. He meets Dona, who suffered from a leg fracture, but learns that Robin was the one behind Dona’s accident, when he tried to sleep with Elsa. Dona makes Kaduva promise to not cause any trouble. Kaduva meets Victor where he learns that Benjamin had thrashed Victor, when he was about to file a petition against the cops to the CM Ananthanathan and DGP.

Meanwhile, Ananthanathan is dethroned from the ministry post due to his corrupt activities where it is revealed that Kaduva had met his sister Leena’s classmate Maalam Sunny in prison, where he learns that the evidence linking to the politician’s illegal activities are with Francis Paul and Kunjithomman. After his release and with Sunny’s help, Kaduva makes a deal with Francis and Omman to provide the video evidence of the party’s corruption, in exchange for money and leadership changes in the party, to which they agree. Due to the deal, Kaduva had sold some of his estate.


Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free Hindi Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free Hindi

Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free Camrip
Full Name: Kaduva 2022 Full Movie Download Free Camrip
Release Date: 7 July 2022
Length: 2h 35min
Size: 1.2 GB
Quality: Camrip
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
Language: Hindi
Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Vivek Oberoi, Samyuktha Menon
(2022) on IMDb